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During our trip through Yellowstone and Glacier National Park we took Great Falls on our itinerary and spent two days in this beautiful Montana town. We didn't see too many tourists and decided it would be a logistically perfect meeting point. I grew up in a small town in Montana, just a few miles south of the city of Helena, so I know the area and we decided that logistically it would be the perfect rendezvous point.

The sprawling parking system in Great Falls is also undoubtedly the best urban park system in Montana by far. In fact, there are probably more parks there than I have ever seen on my travels in Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, and it's pretty great.

With an area of over 950,000 hectares, Helena National Forest is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the United States. The wilderness area is known to locals as "Bob's," and is just 45 minutes from the Great Falls and offers plenty of hiking opportunities.

Lewis and Clark took 31 days to transport the five Missouri River waterfalls when they crossed it in 1805. It took them eleven days to make their way to the Great Falls, the largest waterfall in the USA and one of the most famous in the world, as there is a large waterfall.

With the Great Falls, the size and number of falls meant that the expedition had to walk the entire length of the Missouri River, a distance of over 3,500 km.

While you can reach the glacier from the Great Falls in a few hours, we recommend that you limit your day trip to exploring the National Park and its trails, especially the River Edge Trail. This paved, dirt and single-track trail, which spans the entire length of the Missouri from its source to its mouth, can be explored in two different ways. You can reach the waterfall, causeway and RiverEdge Trail, but the section east of the National Park is more suitable for mountain bikers.

The 30-mile River Edge Trail connects a number of Great Falls parks and vantage points, including Grand Falls State Park, Giant Springs State Park and the falls themselves. For more nature fun, visit the Great Lakes National Park and its hiking trails, as well as the RiverEdge Trail. The Giant Springs The State Park is home to the largest waterfall in the United States, Giant Falls, a 1,500-foot waterfall.

Trail attractions in the region include the Lewis and Clark Trail, a 1.50 metre high replica of the famous Lewis & Clark expedition. At the top of this attraction, learn more about the Great Falls Expedition, which sailed the Missouri River to the Great Falls in 1805, and its history. If you have traveled the Lewis & Clark Trail through the US or anywhere else, the mention of these famous explorers will appear at least once.

The Charles Russell Museum of the Great Falls is a wonderful place to visit and everyone should want to learn more about the history of this amazing museum and its history. The Great Falls Hotel, with its unique and fun atmosphere, is another unique, fun hotel that we recommend when exploring downtown Greatfalls. Guests will especially enjoy the Edge Hotel, a unique hotel with great views and great views of the city and waterfalls.

You might also want to stroll along the Missouri River, feed the trout and learn more about American history at the Clark Museum of American History in Great Falls National Park. If you ever have a chance to leave the Great Falls, you should also check out some things to do in Fort Benton, Montana. After all, here's the top hashtag to use when researching the best things to do in Greater Falls Montana on Instagram.

Download this map and pick one up at the Great Falls National Park Visitor Center or at one of the many attractions in the park. This tour is located in Cascade Montana, which is only 25 miles from Greater Falls. It is held at John's Ranch, whose family has lived with the family for several generations and is located in a beautiful, wide stretch along the Missouri River.

One of the best hiking trails is just 25 minutes away, in Sluice Boxes State Park, and this is a great place to ride west from the Great Falls to the Montana Scenic Loop. This hike is one of my favorite trails in the entire park and a perfect way to end a road trip to Kalispell, Montana.

The route takes you to Giant Springs in the park and through the Lewis and Clark visitor center. If you only have time to visit one of the Great Falls, you can take a trip to drive straight through and visit all the falls. The trail passes right by the Lewis & Clark visitor centre, and if road trips are your thing, you should definitely be there for a hike or bike ride. Greatfalls is 770 miles from Denver and United Airlines offers nonstop flights, so 12 hours in the car is not my idea of a good time.

More About Great Falls

More About Great Falls