Great Falls Montana Real Estate

Here are some of the best reasons to put the Great Falls region on your travel list this year, and some great real estate options in the area.

Local historian Norma Ashby says crossing the Great Falls River, one of the most scenic rivers in the United States, is a must - in Great Falls. There are river rafting and tour guides who take you on fantastic guided rafting trips, and Madsen says there are several. One of the best secrets travelers might not expect from Greatfalls is the chance to catch wild trout on the Missouri River and travel along the river as it flows through the city.

The falls were first seen on June 13, 1805 by explorer Meriwether Lewis and Lewis & Lewis Clark and have been well documented ever since, as the amazing falls on the Missouri River prompted an expedition to travel through the area, now called Great Falls. The Corps' efforts led to the westward expansion of the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop a beautiful and prosperous city on the Missouri River. One of them is that there is an area where the native people drove buffalo to their deaths during the hunt.

Today, Great Falls is the shortest river in the world, the Roe River, which at just 201 feet is the shortest of its kind in the United States. This visit to the State Park is a must - it features some of Montana's most beautiful waterfalls and the largest waterfall on the Missouri River in North America.

The park also has one of the largest freshwater sources in the world, with water flowing into the Missouri at a rate of 1,000 cubic feet per second. The park is connected to Glacier along with Waterton Lakes National Park and is one of Canada's national parks. After all, the Bob Marshall Wilderness is a hiking and backpacker paradise, covering more than 1.5 million acres, where the Great Wall of China is the most visited national park in North America and Montana's second highest mountain, averaging over 1,000 feet.

In the northeast corner of the spectacular Flathead Valley, the city of Great Falls, Montana, known as Electric City, is nestled between Columbia Falls (gloriously known as the "Gateway to Glacier National Park") and the Missouri River. The city, which takes its name from the Great Falls of Missouri, actually houses five waterfalls that stretch 10 miles along the Mississippi River near the city of Great Falls. These five waterfalls in Missouri include the falls themselves and their tributary, the Columbia River Falls. With a total height of over 1,000 feet, the Missouri River spans the Great Falls at an altitude of about 2,500 feet.

In summer, the Montana State Fair gives you a taste of Montana's agricultural heritage, and in winter, you can explore the Great Falls National Wildlife Refuge and Flathead Valley National Park.

Baseball fans can enjoy Centene Stadium, where the Great Falls Voyagers play as part of the Pioneer League. In winter, hockey and figure skating are played on the large IcePlex Falls. Whether hockey or figure skating: children of all ages frolic in the ponds, whether they are skating or not. When the pond in Gibson Park freezes, skaters can perfect their craft on the ice or be found in the snow.

For more bird watching, visit the Great Falls National Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Whitefish River. Bring winter skiing to the nearby Whitefish Mountain Resort or a guided snowmobile ride.

The Paris Gibson Museum of Art is full of historic buildings with contemporary art and houses the trolley of the Great Falls. Around the corner from the museum, surrounded by scenic views of the Whitefish River and Yellowstone National Park, you can also visit the National Wildlife Refuge.

Great Falls hosts a number of notable events throughout the year, including the annual Great Falls Rodeo, Montana's largest horse race. 2017 marks 38 years of the Miss Rodeso Montana, including the crowning of the Miss Rodeso Montana, the Montana State Fair and the Grand Prix of Montana.

Great Falls has become the Western art capital of the world with the C.M. Russell Museum and the Great Falls Art Museum. The Art and Soul of the American West, "which features more than 1,000 works of art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries on display at the M.Russell Museum, Montana State Fair, Montana Grand Prix and other events.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center contains more than 1,000 artifacts and artifacts from the Great Falls region and beyond. The Lewis & Clark Museum and C.M. Russell Museum make it the largest museum of its kind in the United States, "Nelson said.

In Great Falls, the rate of appreciation is so high that, despite a nationwide downturn in the housing market, real estate continues to rise in value faster than most communities. Compared to Montana, the data show that the average annual property value in the UK is 5.46%, which is above the national average of 4.9% and even higher than the Montana average. If you look at the last twelve months, Greatfalls "appreciation rate has remained one of the highest in America, being the second and highest of all metropolitan areas, behind only New York City.

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More About Great Falls