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Bill Stormont / Getty Images Known as Montana's birthplace, the small town of Fort Benton is an ideal base for a day trip. The annual State Fair is held in the last week of July in Great Falls and is everything you would expect from a small town festival.

Here Lewis and Clark took eleven days to cross the mighty Missouri River in 1805 and came across a series of five waterfalls. At the Great Falls, the size and number of the falls meant that the expedition had to overcome a total of 1500 m of water.

While you can reach the glacier from the Great Falls in a few hours, I suggest you limit your day trip to exploring one of Montana's most beautiful parts, the Great Glacier National Park. Try to stay in the park so we have the chance to spend a day there before we head back to the Great Falls. I call this list "10 fabulous destinations to visit" once you're ready to settle into your new home or apartment.

If you ever have a chance to leave the Great Falls, you should also check out some things to do in Fort Benton, Montana. After all, here's the top hashtag to use when researching the best things to do in Great Falls Montana on Instagram.

A great way to explore the history of the Great Falls is to visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, where you can visit some of the most important sites in the history of America's most famous explorers. You might also want to stroll along the banks of the Missouri River, feed the trout and learn more about American history by visiting the National Park Service's Lewis & Clark National Historical Park. Lake Yellowstone, the largest lake in North America, is so beautiful that you want to visit other places you have visited.

If you want to be more active, Giant Springs State Park is also a great opportunity to have more fun in the great outdoors. For those more interested in outdoor activities and activities for children, and for those looking forward to something other than the Great Falls National Historical Park, Giants Springs provides an excellent opportunity for a day trip to the state's largest park, as well as the opportunity to attend special events and learn more about Montana's natural history.

With an area of 950,000 hectares, Helena National Forest is one of the largest protected areas in the USA and the second largest in Montana. There are several RV parks in Great Falls, including several boat moorings and a number of hiking and cycling trails. Guests will especially enjoy the mountains of the Little Belt to the north and Edge Mountain, a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

This beautiful area is adjacent to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and includes Great Falls National Park and Lewis & Clark National Historical Park. Today it is Great Springs State Park, which includes a number of hiking and biking trails, as well as a variety of picnic spots and picnic tables.

Hiking attractions in the region include Great Falls National Park and Lewis & Clark National Historical Park. At the top of the attraction, learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which sailed the Missouri River to the Great Falls in 1805, and their adventures along the way. On their journey, it took them 31 days to cross five Kansas River waterfalls and then 31 more when they traveled to the other side of the river.

We decided that Great Falls would be the logistically perfect meeting point, so we decided to make the trip, even if we only had time to visit one of the falls. For a closer look at the waterfalls that can be reached from the north side of the Missouri River. Drive or walk to the cliffs where you can watch the buffalo jump and enjoy the magnificent views.

You should also visit the cliffs that open out to the river, which were famously named by the explorers Lewis and Clark. Take a walk or drive to Colter Falls, one of four Missouri River waterfalls in the park.

Much of Yellowstone National Park is located in the contiguous state of Wyoming, but West Yellowstone has an extensive collection in the Yellowstone Museum. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, located just outside Three Forks, is the only state park in Montana with an entrance that is actually outside Montana. It sits on a rock overlooking the Missouri River and serves as home to attractions such as Old Faithful.

Although Great Falls is not Montana's largest city, it has plenty of hotels to choose from, from the airport to downtown. There are a number of unique and fun hotels we recommend when exploring downtown the Great Falls, as well as some great restaurants.

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More About Great Falls